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Counseling for the Relationally Conflicted

Is your relationship on dangerous ground?

It may be, if you have been:

  • feeling lonely in your marriage
  • thinking of having an affair
  • already engaged in an affair
  • spending time with a friend or coworker that your partner doesn’t know about
  • sharing deep, personal, emotional conversations with someone other than your partner

There comes a time in most relationships when the “magic” has worn off, life keeps you busy, and you’ve fallen into some bad relational habits. One day you wake up, realizing you feel disconnected, unloved, unappreciated, dissatisfied… Talking about these feelings is painful; fixing what’s wrong takes a lot of work, a lot of cooperation, a lot of compromise.

Maybe someone has caught your attention and the “magic” is back, just not with your partner. It can be frightening and exhilarating- you probably still love your partner but this new attention makes you feel special, sexy, desired… things that have disappeared from or never existed in your current relationship.

If this sounds even a little bit familiar, it’s time for you to call me. I can help you sort through these confusing emotions, and figure out what you want and need.

Perhaps you and your partner are a little further down this road and are undecided about whether or not you want to stay together; if so, discernment counseling may be useful in figuring out if your conflicts can be resolved. I can also offer secure, private online sessions for clients who may not be in the immediate area.

Come and see me. My particular brand of therapy is Without judgment. Without pressure. Without pushing for a particular outcome.